Kantech offers a full suite of access control products that are reliable, easy to install and easily scalable.


At Kantech, we understand the importance of quality products and customer service, and we are dedicated to providing both. Explore our product line and you will discover the easiest to use and easiest to install access control systems in the industry. Call our state-of-the-art Technology Center and receive advanced technical support.




KT- 400

KT-400 is an Ethernet-ready four-door controller that provides 128-bit AES encrypted communication with the EntraPass Security Software and is a highly secure solution for any security-conscious business. KT-400 can easily be integrated into an existing EntraPass system with other Kantech controllers (KT-1 and KT-300), or basic door security without the need to connect to a host system when in Standalone Mode – providing the foundation for a brand new security installation.


  • Configure and manage four doors using a simple embedded web browser – no software to purchase and install (Standalone Mode, KT-400rev1)

  • Intuitive configuration wizard for quick set up (Standalone Mode, KT-400rev1)

  • Onboard Ethernet 128-bit AES-encrypted communication with the EntraPass system ensures a high degree of network security

  • 100,000 cards capacity and provides up to 20,000 concurrent events in stand-alone mode

  • 256 outputs (four onboard) provide scalability

  • Communicates with the EntraPass Gateway only when an event has occurred, ensuring low network bandwidth consumption (Special and Corporate Editions only)

  • Verify and configure IP settings with a built-in web configuration page

  • Supervised door lock outputs with internal or external power supply

  • LEDs provide important controller status and diagnostic information

  • Additional battery supervision and monitoring help ensure controller functionality

  • Compatible with EntraPass Security Management Software v6.02 or higher


KT-1 One Door Controller


KT-1 One Door Controller

KT-1 is an Ethernet-ready single door controller, supporting two readers – IN/OUT. With its elegant design and innovative single button enrollment, KT-1 offers installers the ultimate experience in access control installation. Simply provide an IP connection, push a touch-sensitive button and you’re done.


  • One Door IP Controller - Supports 2 readers (entry and exit)

  • Single touch-sensitive button for fast & automatic controller enrollment (EntraPass Security Software)

  • Configure and manage a single door using a simple embedded web browser – no software to purchase and install

  • Intuitive configuration wizard for quick set up

  • Plug & Play installation

  • Single gang mount (KT-1) or cabinet mount (KT-1-PCB) installation options

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) – Flexible power input

  • LED status indicators for maintenance trouble shooting

  • Highly secure 128-bit AES encryption

  • Intrusion integration with DSC PowerSeries or MAXSYS alarm panels

  • Compatible with existing Kantech controllers including KT-300 and KT-400

  • Compatible with EntraPass Security Management Software v6.02 or higher


EntraPass Go Install Mobile App


EntraPass Go Install Mobile App

The first of its kind, EntraPass Go Install mobile app provides easy configuration of KT-1 and KT-400 controllers by scanning a QR code. The scan auto-fills the controller's MAC address and serial number, eliminating the need to manually enter the information thereby avoiding potential errors. Select from a list of existing sites/connections or create a new one to assign to the controller. Configuring doors to the controller using this app is a breeze. The app's setup includes pre-populated fields, which you can easily modify and label (e.g. Front Lobby Door, Warehouse Exit Door, etc.) to configure the doors. The app provides a wizard driven commissioning process that helps ensure that no device has been left un-commissioned. It also allows you to store pictures and notes which will help with subsequent visits. The app further eases the install process with the ability to associate pre-configured Exacq-compatible cameras and DSC PowerSeries Neo devices.


  • "Kantech-easy" mobile app for installers

  • QR code provides MAC address and serial number

  • Pre-populated fields make controller setup a breeze

  • Easily associate Exacq video, DSC PowerSeries Neo intrusion panels, and Kantech card readers

  • Commissioning report verifies successful setup

  • Automatically save commissioning report with date, time and technician name for easy retrieval

  • Store corroborating photos such as door, reader, strike and video camera in database for future service calls

  • Significantly decreases install time for lower total cost of ownership

  • Available for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play


EntraPass Corporate Edition
Security Software


EntraPass Corporate Edition Security Software

EntraPass Corporate Edition is a multiple workstation software platform that offers the ultimate balance between power and affordability in a network environment. It offers the flexibility to securely connect controllers directly on the network, as well as over RS-485. EntraPass software is compatible with Kantech IP devices such as KT-400/ KT-1 controllers and Kantech IP Link (KT-IP) which all utilize highly secure 128-bit AES encryption to ensure communication is not compromised. The software integrates advanced security features such as EntraPass Go mobile app and EntraPass Web platform that deliver remote and convenient access to common access control, video and intrusion tasks and reporting. The enhanced user experience makes navigation and operation easy and intuitive.


  • Gain access to doors with a one-time unlock command using the EntraPass Go Pass mobile app

  • Automatically move legacy controllers to KT-1 or KT-400 door controllers eliminating the need to reprogram

  • Supports up to 20 workstations and controls hundreds of thousands of doors

  • Import/synchronize EntraPass operators and users (cardholders) with Microsoft Active Directory for centralized management

  • Automatically log into EntraPass with Windows credentials using Single Sign On in Microsoft Active Directory

  • Embedded Sybase SQL database engine

  • Integrates with EntraPass Go mobile app for security on the go

  • Integrates EntraPass Web (remote user platform) to manage access control, IP video, telephone entry and/or intrusion security assets

  • Supports up to 50 concurrent logins of EntraPass Web and/or EntraPass Go

  • Integrates with Exacq video management systems, American Dynamics DVRs/NVRs (VideoEdge, HDVR, ADTVR and Intellex), INTEVO integrated security platform and DSC PowerSeries and MAXSYS intrusion alarm panels

  • Double and triple swipe card at reader (with KT-400 controller) to activate such features as: activate relay, arm alarm system and lock/unlock doors

  • Auto Updater automatically updates clients/workstations when server is updated

  • Integrates with ASSA ABLOY Aperio wireless locks for integrated and management lock solution

  • Integration with HID Mobile Access® mobile credentials for improved user convenience


ioSmart Smart Cards
and Multi-Technology Readers


ioSmart Smart Cards and Multi-Technology Readers

ioSmart Smart Cards and Multi-Technology Readers provide a cost-effective migration from older proximity cards to advanced smart card technology. This family provides enhanced security through end-to-end AES-128 encryption over RS-485 when used with Kantech’s KT-1 or newer KT-400 door controllers while it can be also used with any other access controller using Wiegand protocol. The readers are available in single-gang or mullion models with integrated backlit, capacitive touch keypad support for dual factor authentication and include an intuitive LED status bar that clearly indicates various access conditions to the user. These readers can be installed in a variety of indoor or outdoor applications.


  • Cost-effective solution to transition to advanced technology

  • Open technology provides versatility

  • End-to-end encryption for added security

  • Capacitive touch keypad available

  • Bluetooth-ready for future proofing

  • Unique design allows time-saving wiring to standard door contacts and T.Rex devices instead of pulling wires from these devices to the controller

  • Mullion and single-gang models

  • Available on KT-1 and newer KT-400 controllers